How to Support a Business Owned by a Veteran in Fort Wayne, IN*

Making the transition from military life to civilian life is a challenge

every veteran faces at some point. One of the ways veterans try and cope

with going back to a more “normal” way of life is by starting their own

businesses. In fact, just over 9% of all small businesses in the U.S. are

veteran-owned, while this statistic is inspiring those businesses are only

able to survive with the support of their local communities.

There are several reasons to support veteran-owned businesses, first small

business owners, in general, tend to purchase from other local businesses

whenever possible so the dollars you spend in local businesses tend to stay

in the community longer – which is good for everyone!

In addition to that, as the business grows, so too does its demand for

employees since veterans tend to hire other veterans, your dollars spent at

a veteran-owned business has twice the effect in helping the veteran


In this article, we will outline some ways to show your support for those

veteran business owners that have worked hard to serve their country and

now struggle to serve their local communities.


You can’t support a business if you don’t know it’s out there. Veteran businesses

face the same challenges many new businesses face – no one knows they exist.

The first way you can support veteran businesses in Fort Wayne is by simply

searching for specifically veteran-owned businesses. Many sites like Yelp

give you the option to filter on veteran-owned businesses. But even a

simple Google search for “Veteran-owned businesses near me” will help you

to quickly identify those businesses in your area.


The second way you can help support veteran businesses in Fort Wayne is by

promoting them. These days, it is quite simple to promote a business on

your favorite social media platform. Just a quick mention and a link to the

business can help to create quite the buzz, and if you can provide a quick

personal review or recommendation about the products or services and that

“quick mention” can be a powerful and valuable marketing piece to a

veteran-owned business.

Word of mouth has proven to be one of the most reliable a successful

marketing channels for any business, so while it might seem a small thing

anything from an Instagram post to a Google review can be very helpful to a

veteran-owned business.

In the spirit of helping local veteran-owned businesses, one that we really

like is Household 5 Soap Company – they make some amazing, natural soaps

and skincare products for men and women.

You can check them out at or stop by their retail

location in the Georgetown shopping center!

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