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How To Tell When Air Conditioning Systems In Lewes, DE Are Not Operating Efficiently

Posted By: Leah Austin

An AC system is designed to keep a home comfortable during the hottest summer weather. But, no matter how well built a unit may be, there is still a chance an issue may arise and cause it to run inefficiently. Not only will poor performance lead to excessive electricity costs, it may also lead to additional strain on the Air Conditioning Systems in Lewes DE mechanical components and create undue wear and tear. Avoid these common issues by having a unit that displays the following signs inspected as quickly as possible.

Unreliable Temperature Moderation

The thermostat of an AC unit is designed to detect a change in the temperature of a space and activate the system to maintain a comfortable environment. If an AC unit is not able to maintain an average temperature between 68 and 72 degrees, there may be an issue. An HVAC technician will inspect the compressor and air handling components to determine what issues may be causing the problem.

Constant Running

With regular use, Air Conditioning Systems in Lewes DE will cycle on and off, with the length of time between cycles being dependent on environmental conditions. If a homeowner notices their HVAC equipment is running non-stop, they should contact a professional right away. Not only will getting prompt service prevent a system from failing, it will help limit the chances of causing additional internal damage.

Areas of Hot Air

A home should remain at a consistent temperature in any of the rooms that have an air vent. If a person notices that some areas are hotter than others, it may be caused by a problem with the air handling unit. Contact an HVAC technician and let them determine if the fan motor is malfunctioning or if a blockage in the ductwork exists, which are both simple repairs.

The HVAC system in a house helps keep a family cool in brutally hot weather. The team of technicians at Arctic Heating and Air Conditioning offer 24/7 service and will have an HVAC system restored as quickly as possible. Visit to learn more and see why they have been a trusted vendor in the Lewes area for more than 20 years.

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