How to treat spider veins

Spider veins are one of the conditions that affect both men and women as they age. However it is not a condition that can’t be treated. If you or someone you know is affected by spider veins, there are new advancements in the field that can help to resolve the issue. Instead of living self consciously, it helps to visit your local treatment center to find out what options are available to you. You may find that there are many treatment options that can help you to resolve the condition for good.

Exploring laser treatment for spider veins

Of all the treatment lasers are not very effective for treating spider veins, since the affinity of hemoglobin for lasers is just about 25%. This means that most of the laser energy will go heat the skin which can result in very dark lines on the skin or loss of color of skin which is called hypopigmentation. The option is ideal for both visible spider veins is sclerotherapy, if it is done properly and by an experienced vein specialist. Masterring the art and science of sclerotherapy is not a causal trivial matter and definitely not a side job just to produce more income. The learning curve for sclerotherapy complex and it takes many years of practice to be efficient in this field.

The first step to take to resolve your spider veins is to set up a consultation with an expert who considers treating veins problem as a specialty and not a side job. While there are many signs and ads for vein clinics, at most places the treatment is done by a nurse, since at such places they do not respect the field of Phlebology as a specialty. AT such places, usually great results cannot be expected due to the complex nature of venous reflux disease. There are only very few places where treating veins is a fulltime specialty.

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