How To Use Brochures in NYC, NY For Marketing A Business

As any marketing professional can tell you, brochures are an integral part of marketing a business. A brochure may be the only chance given to make a good impression on a potential customer about your business. Therefore, it is imperative to design brochures printing in NYC NY that are eye catching and informative in order to draw attention to the products or services offered by the business. Some key points to include on your brochures are:

Stand-out heading-The heading should be eye-catching to draw attention.

Description-Include a brief introduction which gives an idea as to what the business is all about. What products or services are offered?

Photos-Clear photos can showcase products, other items or services.

Location-Where is the business located and what areas does it serve?

Hours-When is the business open

The key is to get them interested enough to actually open the brochure and read the information enclosed in order to learn more about the business. After designing the perfect brochure, it is time to get the brochure into potential customer’s hands. There are several ways to do this:

Direct mail-Mailing the brochures to potential customers, either by request or through a mailing list program.

Giving them to people in person-take the brochures wherever you go. Hand them out to anyone that looks your way. Rent a booth at a fair or expo.

Set up a display in a public place

Include the brochures in welcome packets or other promotional packages.

If the company sells a product that can be sampled, another suggestion would be to include the sample with the brochure. Other promotional items may also be included. Samples and promotional items can include food products, ink pens, magnets, key rings, or any one of the many promotional items available. A brochure can also include a coupon for future savings. By providing a coupon, the recipient of the brochure will have an extra incentive to visit the business. A thoughtfully planned and printed brochure will provide the necessary information to interest the prospective customer. The added incentives will draw them to utilize the services advertised or to make a purchase. This is why the right brochures can be a wise investment.

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