How to Verify the Insurance of Driveway Contractors in Norwich CT

Do you want to install a new driveway or have your present one fixed? Then find a contractor with the right skills to meet the requirements of your job. This entails doing a bit of research on prospective Driveway Contractors in Norwich CT. A driveway contractor should have the right levels of insurance to perform your job. Some of the types of insurance this service provider should have include workmen’s compensation and general liability. Use the following tips to verify the existence of an active insurance contract.

After you have chosen two or three Driveway Contractors in Norwich CT to investigate, call each one for an interview. During this conversation, politely ask each one for the name of his insurance agent/broker. You can call this representative at a later time to request a certificate of insurance. This document is not the insurance contract itself but contains specific information found in one. If a driveway contractor offers to show you a certificate of insurance, politely decline. Only accept this certificate from an authorized insurance representative to safeguard against fraud.

When you call an insurance agent/broker to request a certificate of insurance, this representative will have to get written permission from the contractor before sending you the information. To get this done, the insurance representative will usually contact the service provider and let him know the procedures. After the insurance representative gets this form, she can send you the certificate.

When you receive this information, pay close attention to certain parts of the certificate. The producer is the name of the insurance company sending you the form. The insured is the name of the driveway contractor you are checking on. You are the certificate holder. Your business name should be in this spot. Look at the policy effective date and policy expiration date. Ensure that the contractor performs his work during this time span.

Other pertinent parts of the certificate of insurance include the types of insurance and the limits. Ensure that all potential driveway contractors in Norwich CT have the right types of insurance with the appropriate limits to legally work on your home. Verifying insurance is only one step to getting Quality asphalt paving or asphalt repairs.

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