How Traffic Offenses Attorneys in Mankato, MN Can Help You

Every driver knows that traffic laws in the state must be adhered to unless they want to face the consequences of disobeying. Minnesota is one state where the drivers need to be aware of everything they could possibly face if they violate the traffic laws. Traffic offenses attorneys in Mankato, MN are willing to help drivers who get in trouble with traffic violations in the state and want them to know about some of the lesser-known traffic laws. The following are some of the traffic laws that may not be so obvious.

Lesser-Known Traffic Laws in Minnesota

Although a windshield is not actually required for cars in Minnesota, if a driver has one, it must have working windshield wipers, and if the windshield is cracked or broken, the driver will face a citation. In accordance with the law for wearing seat belts, if a driver is not wearing the seat belt correctly, a citation can be issued for that as well. There are no laws in Minnesota to prevent people from riding in the back of a pickup truck, but the driver may be liable if those passengers are injured.

More of the Lesser-Known Traffic Laws in Minnesota

When a driver is passing another vehicle, there is an old law on the Minnesota books that says the passing vehicle only has to allow 100 feet from the oncoming car before getting back into the correct lane. Although it is not a good idea to try this law, it is a law on the books, and a driver could legally fight it in court. To see whether they are really guilty of a traffic offense, drivers should hire a lawyer in Minnesota.

Calling a Lawyer for Help in Mankato, Minnesota

For a driver to face a traffic citation in court, there are attorneys available for representation for any of the offenses. Blatz Law Office LTD is an example of a law firm in Mankato who will help drivers fight traffic tickets. Anyone who wants to consult traffic offenses attorneys in Mankato, MN can contact this law firm. For more information visit

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