How VA Disability Appeal Lawyers Can Help in Maine

Each and every year, veterans find it difficult to get the care that they need. They were injured in one way or another during their service to their country. Unfortunately, the VA doesn’t always accept every claim that is made to them. This is when it can be beneficial to work with VA disability appeal lawyers.

Explore the Appeal Process

When a claim is denied, there’s always the ability to file an appeal. This is, essentially, requesting that the VA take a closer look at the claim. While it can be a time-consuming process, it might be a necessary one. If a claim is accepted by the VA, it can result in a higher disability rating. Higher ratings can add hundreds if not thousands of dollars to what is paid monthly in disability income.

Have Someone Fight for You

The VA appeals process can be overwhelming. There are countless forms that need to be filled out. Additionally, the VA requires proof that there is not only a medical issue going on but that it was service-related. As such, it requires getting medical documentation from doctors within the VA system. Lawyers who have worked with VA disability cases will know how to navigate the process to ensure that there are more positive results.

There’s never the need to accept a decision from the VA if it isn’t the one that was anticipated. Learn more about how VA disability appeal lawyers can help by contacting Jackson & MacNichol today.

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