How You Can Benefit From Leasing Dumpsters in Portland, OR

There are many uses for dumpsters in Portland OR or anywhere else for that matter. Most people think dumpsters are strictly for commercial purposes, but this is untrue. In fact, dumpsters are available for both commercial job sites like construction projects and small jobs such as home remodels and yard reclamation projects. However, the most common usage for the dumpster is trash collection, including most apartment buildings and other multiple family dwellings. It may even be possible to lease a dumpster for your property, provided you don’t mind the industrial look and the homeowners or property owners association doesn’t complain.

Many dumpsters in Portland, OR are leased for short term use. This is likely because so many people like to do remodeling projects on their home of office and small containers are perfect vehicles for the demolition refuse which is bound to occur. Most refuse companies have a few restrictions as to which materials they will accept from these job sites so it would be a great idea to check before leasing yours.

Like so many items we dispose of today, wood and other construction materials can be recycled, at least to a certain degree. Old lumber can easily be chipped so it can be used in products like OSB (Oriented Strand Board) and MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) which makes sorting these items a possibility. If your dumpsters in Portland, OR company doesn’t handle recycling these materials, but you know someone who will you might consider them as a possible source of wood reclamation. Sorting your waste into multiple receptacles might be a little more expensive, but the containers can be smaller so there will be some savings because of size.

If you are a property manager and seem to be having problems with tenants leaving their old junk, you might consider short term dumpsters in Portland OR. This is an excellent way to eliminate the trash they left behind without filling the dumpster used by the regular tenants. Generally, when people vacate a home and leave their old furnishings behind they aren’t worth selling or giving away so your only real option is to trash them, but an apartment or house full of junk can overwhelm the trash service.

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