How You Can Customize Purple Chocolate Hearts for Your Wedding

If purple has always been your favorite color, you might want to incorporate it into your wedding. Whether your bridesmaids wear purple dresses or you simply stick to adding purple accents throughout the décor, you can have your favorite color present at your wedding. If you want the perfect way to add purple throughout the reception and to give your guests something to take home to remember your event, delicious purple chocolate hearts sent direct from a chocolatier are the perfect choice. Look for a company that offers the following guarantees before purchasing the chocolate for your wedding.

Custom Artwork

Most foil wrapped purple chocolate hearts can be customized to have your names, the wedding date or any other graphic that is close to your heart for your wedding. If you are not good with the computer, this does not preclude you from this benefit. Look for a company that offers in-house designers who will create your artwork for you simply by listening to your desires. Most companies offer this free of charge so make sure you take the time to find a company that offers this complimentary service.


Contrary to popular belief, not all chocolate is created equal. This means the chocolate hearts you could purchase at the bulk area of your local grocery store are probably not as high-quality as the exquisite Belgian chocolate you would receive from a sophisticated chocolatier you can find online. When you do shop online, take the time to find out how long the chocolate is expected to last. High-quality chocolate should last between eight months and one year without refrigeration. This allows you to order your purple chocolate hearts as favors early, ensuring you have them for your wedding.


Before you make a purchase with an online chocolatier, make sure to find out their method of shipping the items to you so you can ensure you don’t receive melted favors right before your wedding. If you are getting married in the summer, the company should provide expedited shipping, along with insulated boxes and gel packs to keep the chocolate from melting.

Including purple in your wedding is easy today because it is becoming a popular color for weddings in all seasons. If you wish to include purple chocolate hearts as your wedding favor, take the time to shop online and find a quality company that offers gourmet chocolate, expedited shipping and custom artwork to give you the perfect favors.

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