Human Hair Extensions vs. Synthetic

Hair extensions can transform even the shortest, finest locks into long, luxurious tresses. These thick, wavy locks aren’t just for celebrities anymore; in fact, anyone can transform their look. The question is whether to choose human hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions. There are pros and cons to both, and ultimately, you’ll have to decide based on your particular needs and style.

Human hair extensions

Human hair is considered better quality overall over synthetic, but it also comes with a higher price tag. It is obtained from many different countries including Peru, Russia, Brazil, China and Malaysia. It is classified as Remy, meaning it has a uniform quality, with all strands facing the same direction. A large quantity of hair also originates from India, as many donate their hair as part of religious rituals. Virgin hair is hair that has only one donor.

Human hair, as one would expect, looks and feels natural, even up close. It can be permed, colored and highlighted. It is easy to style for any occasion. Human hair does require more maintenance than its synthetic counterpart. Gentle washing and conditioning in required, and clip-ons should be removed while sleeping.

With proper care and maintenance, your extension should last a year or more.

Synthetic hair extensions

Synthetic extensions are popular among women because they are more affordable, long lasting and come with low maintenance. They are made from plastic fibers and come in a variety of colors, styles; they can be straight or wavy. It is not affected by humidity or rain; unlike human hair, heat and styling tools like hair dryers and curling irons cannot be used. Clip-ons should be removed before sleeping.

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