Humane Opossum Removal in Dublin, OH

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Pest Control

The opossum is an animal most of us have only seen at the zoo. After all, they are a marsupial animal, which means the females have a pouch in which to carry their young. The opossum, however, is the one marsupial that you will find in North America. The opossum is usually not a danger to humans because they don’t tend to attack. When they are threatened, they will hiss and show their teeth to appear threatening, but they are not known for showing other forms of aggression. It is very rare for an opossum to be a carrier of rabies or other transmittable diseases.

The opossum lives in both rural and suburban areas and eats insects, fruits, and vegetables. However, it can also feed on small animals, which does make it a danger to small pets. It’s diet of insects is good for your yard, but it’s diet of fruits and vegetables can also make it a pest that destroys your plants and any vegetable garden. The opossum keeps to itself, traveling alone, and is not a pack animal. It is mostly active at night. The opossum can both swim and climb, but they burrow for shelter under porches and in crawl spaces. Customers call for opossum removal Dublin OH when they hear noises in a crawl space or in their back yard shed and realize they have an opossum.

Business name uses humane trapping in their opossum removal Dublin OH program. The goal is to respect wildlife and each wild animal’s place in the environment. They use non-lethal animal control methods to trap them humanely and remove them to another location.

Part of their pest control service is to advise their customers on how to prevent inviting opossums onto their property again. You can get garbage cans with locking lids. If you keep a dish of food outside for your dog during the day, bring that food inside at night. Since they are nocturnal, they will avoid light, so you can keep yard lights on at night so you don’t provide them with that cover.

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