Ideas for Franchises relating to Children – Part One – Performing.

Owning a franchise that is related to children is a great way of tapping into a readily available and keen market. Children are always enthusiastic to learn new skills, get involved in fun activities, and fill their day to the max with energetic pastimes.

And when it comes to a Children Franchise, the advantage is that the majority of parents who can afford it are keen for their children to be involved and grow their experiences.  Here are a couple of  ideas of franchises that already exist or have the potential to be taken forward, which relate to performing.

Some may say the life of a child is all about drama:  wildly exaggerated emotions, extreme highs, extreme lows, and attention seeking.  While we all know it is evident from a young age who our future thespians will be, the advantages of a child being involved in drama are far more than seeking out a future career option.  Even the quietest and shyest of children can grow in confidence when becoming involved in acting.  For some, it can be a true form of escapism, a chance to be someone who they are not or someone who they aspire to be.  Some of our best actors are not necessarily outgoing, ultra-loud people, but people who are just very skilled in the art of acting, just like in any pastime or profession.  A drama workshop also helps with reading and writing.  As you learn a script, you can see how people write and how to set out a script.  Also, you can learn with how to project your voice and portray yourself in a positive manner.  Drama is also self-perpetuating;  performance, feedback, and confidence all perpetuate one another and continue to improve over time.
It is also a social activity where you mix and work as a team with a large group of children whom you would not normally interact with.

The theory behind this franchise model is very similar to the above.  It is a chance to evolve and show a skill that may have otherwise remained hidden.  However, where it differs is that for the majority of the time you are working as group.  There are no star performers other than if a soloist is chosen, and unlike drama, you can blend into the crowd far more easily.  From a franchise point of view, this is perhaps something that can be expanded such as female-only, or differing music genres.

Both of these franchise ideas give an opportunity for a child to perform to family and friends, which is welcoming indeed for both parties.

A children franchise can be a highly rewarding career path for an aspiring entrepreneur keen to placing additional support into their community.

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