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Identifying the Right Program for Substance Abuse Treatment in Fort Lauderdale

Posted By: Leah Austin

When you need something, you might type it into Google and wait for a list of viable options. You may even just go with the first name or company to appear, but this is not how you will want to approach substance abuse treatment in Fort Lauderdale. It is never as simple as making a random choice or decision, and it is also never just a matter of the price.

Instead, you should make a list of the things you will need from a substance abuse treatment in Fort Lauderdale and narrow down the options based on what you discover. Now, it may be difficult to do this if you are in the midst of addiction, or your loved one is struggling with the matter, but it will yield the best results if you can take the time to identify the best choices. Most of the information you need can come from some Internet research and a few phone calls. So, at the very most, it may take a day or two to find the right program.

And what are the factors to consider when you begin looking for the right substance abuse treatment in Fort Lauderdale? Here is a very basic list:

What is the price of the program and will they accept insurance? Though we did say cost is not a factor in decision making, if you have no means of paying for a specific program, or your insurance doesn’t cover it, you cannot consider it in your list. However, do look into their options for financing or alternative payment arrangements.

Where is the program? If you are going into an inpatient program or using an outpatient treatment option, the distance from your home, work or family will matter. Something very close to home may not be best if there is something at home that has led to addiction. However, too far from home is not as good either because it may make it impossible for your support network to visit. Find something that puts you at a convenient distance from where you live and work now.

What is the philosophy of the program? This is huge. You need to understand if it is a medical approach, a 12-step model or something else. Figure out what is going to work best for you, and always find out what post-program support is available as more people in substance abuse treatment in Fort Lauderdale benefit from support once they have detoxed and become sober.

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