If You Need Bail Advice in Burleson, Texas

A person is arrested and faces jail time after the arraignment, depending on the type of bail set by the judge. There are many types of bail the judge may issue to a defendant, and other options, and the defendant should be aware of what each bail type consists of. A bail bonds agency offers Bail Advice in Burleson Texas to defendants who need to understand what their options are in their particular case. Here is a look at the bail types and what the defendants should know about them.

The Types of Bail

The first type of bail that a judge may set for a defendant is known as cash bail, which is a bail that requires the full amount of the bail in cash, credit card or check. This is an easy enough transaction if the defendant has the funds to work with, and involves no complications with involving other people. There are cases when a police officer will issue a citation known as a “release on citation,” in which the defendant will not be arrested at all, but will be required to appear in court at the scheduled time.

Other Types of Bail

Another method a judge will allow for a defendant is known as a property bond, in which the court will place a lien on property in exchange for letting the defendant go. If the defendant doesn’t show up to court for the hearing, the court will foreclose on the property to get the money that is owed. Another (and probably the most common) method of a judge issuing bail for a defendant is known as the bail bonds. This method allows the defendant to talk to a bail bonds agency who will get the defendant out of jail for a fee of 10 percent of the total bail.

Getting a Bail Bonds Agency

There are many bail bonds agencies available when defendants are arrested and need help getting out of jail. Rogers’ Bail Bond is an agency that provides bail bonds services to clients in need. If an individual is in need of Bail Advice in Burleson Texas, the agency is available. Find more information at the website.

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