If You Need Rental Management, Houston Has a Company That Can help

by | Aug 5, 2013 | Real Estate

Owning a rental property, such as a home, condo, or apartment complex, can be a good source of income.  However, managing the rental – and the tenants who live in it – can be challenging, especially for someone who has multiple rentals or works a full-time job.  That is why rental management services are available to help.  They can help effectively manage all aspects of the rental business, so the property owner can feel more relaxed.

What Does This Service Do?
A rental management Houston handles all aspects of the property, from collecting rent to handling maintenance issues.  If you are looking for renters, they can screen prospects.  If you are having issues with tenants not paying rent, the management service can handle evictions as well.  They also market the property for you and handle tenant complaints.  They deposit rent payments directly into your account.  A good rental service will be honest and ethical, while never taking advantage of your property.  You should also carry a liability insurance policy to protect you from any issues that may arise when the property manager is handling your property.

Why Hire a Rental Management Service
Hiring a service may be beneficial for many reasons.  If you own multiple properties, it can be impossible to handle them all yourself.  If you have limited time or do not want to be involved in the rental process, then these are other good reasons to hire a management service.  Some property owners live far away from their rental.  If this is you, then it may make sense to hire someone nearby to take care of the property for you.  However, keep in mind the company will take 5-10% of your monthly income, so take this into consideration.  If you are considering rental management, Houston has a company that can help.

Let Real Property Management Preferred handle all your rental services.  Front rent collections to pre-screenings of tenants and evictions, we manage your investment property, so you can sit back and relax.

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