If You’re Not Sleeping as Well as You Should, You Should Consider Getting a Platform Bed in Hawaii

Have you ever had the experience of sleeping on a Platform Bed? If not, you might possibly owe it to yourself to enjoy this unique luxury. So much attention has been given in recent years to the memory foam “Tempurpedic” style mattress with its emphasis on stability and supposedly sublime comfort. Remember the television commercial with the glass of wine on one side of the mattress and the kid jumping on the other, never spilling a drop? If only the picture this image gave viewers was as perfect as it seemed!

What that commercial failed to show was the primary complaint shared by so many who have slept on memory foam mattresses: they’re hot. People who tend to sleep hot anyway complain that they wake night after night on a memory foam mattress drenched with perspiration. Not fun.

A Platform Bed Hawaii gives the sleeper all of the memory foam mattress’s stability sans the heat. Its sturdy frame does away with the need for a wiggly box spring and supports your favorite mattress type, whatever it might be, with ease. This allows for more restful sleep because the movements of the other person in your bed (assuming you share your bed) are less likely to disturb you, or to impact the quality of your sleep. The bed itself is what provides the stability, not just the mattress.

In addition, one of the lovely things about this design of bed is that they are so practical in design. They have an unparalleled amount of storage beneath the bed itself and many designs also provide exceptional drawer space as well, which can be great for storage. Drawers on some models pull out from the sides of the bed where others employ longer drawers that extend from the bed’s foot. Many people use this storage space in and under their platforms to hold off season clothing. It’s close enough to access when needed, say, as the seasons begin to change, but out of the way the rest of the time. The drawers are also a great place to keep extra blankets and bedding handy.

This is a bed style that combines the best of everything most people desire in a bed. If you haven’t ever considered using one, check them out!

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