Imaging Technology for Better Diagnostics

Medical technology now makes it easier for doctors to diagnose and treat patients for a wide variety of illnesses. They no longer have to rely on surgical exploration or physical examinations to determine what might be wrong with someone. They can now tell for sure what ailment or injury is affecting a patient with diagnostic imaging.

As a patient, you want to receive the best medical care possible particularly when you experience pain or distress in one or several parts of your body. By undergoing care at Cell Point and Colorado, you could benefit from diagnostic imaging that lets doctors know specifically what is wrong with you.

The diagnostic imaging at Cell Point and Colorado is the leading edge of medical technology today. When you are ordered to undergo one of these scans, you might wonder what to expect during and after the test. Knowing this information beforehand can put your mind at ease and help you prepare for your appointment accordingly.

The test itself should not take too long and may be finished within an hour. When you first arrive for the appointment, you may be asked to wear a hospital gown rather than your clothing. Your clothing might have snaps, buckles, and other metallic parts that could interfere with the imaging device.

You also may have an IV put in your arm through which surgical dye may be run. The dye will illuminate parts of your body like your veins and arteries so doctors can determine if you have blockages or blood clots. The dye is not harmful and passes through your body like any other fluid.

Once the scan is finished, you will be allowed to go home immediately. Your doctor will receive the images the same or next day. He or she will then call you with the results.

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