Importance of Boise Drain Cleaning in Eliminating Contamination

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Germs or microorganisms thrive wherever there is an abundant supply of water, nutrients, and air. Contrary to popular opinion, microorganisms do not ‘hide’ but rather thrive in areas where regular cleaning does not take place. A drain is one such area where germs thrive in huge numbers. Drains provide excellent conditions for microbial growth especially if the drain is in a food preparation area or kitchen. Moisture, food, and mild temperatures characterize such an area. These are ideal conditions for microorganism growth and multiplication. Boise drain cleaning services eliminate filth and dirt in all these troublesome areas. Drain cleaning usually targets the two major forms (biofilm embedded and free) of pathogenic and non-pathogenic microorganisms.

Traditional sanitizers destroy the free microorganisms with great ease. On the other hand, biofilm embedded microorganisms exhibit a high level of resistance to traditional methods of sanitation. Drain microorganisms form a chemical resistant polysaccharide matrix. Boise drain cleaning targets underground drain pipes where the efficacy of sanitizers and cleaners is poor. Lack of proper and regular drain cleaning and sensitization can cause major health issues due to the presence of microbial contamination such as E. Coli, Listeria, and Salmonella. The microorganisms reach the food service and processing area through several means. For example, clogged drains are more than likely to have contaminated drain water backup into the food preparation area. Blocked drains also result in positive air pressure inside the drain, which forces air to back flow into the food preparation area. This causes microorganism dispersal through the aerosolization process.

Use of a drain brush the wrong way can also create a lot of contamination. A professional Boise drain-cleaning expert will not use the brush in an up and down motion. Instead, he or she will use a combination of side-to-side and circular motions coupled with hot and high-pressure water. This avoids the splashing up of microorganisms onto the food preparation area, floor, and equipment. This calls for the use of the right chemicals, tools, cleaning frequency, and procedures to avoid the microbial contamination of food preparation, service, and cooking areas. Drain cleaning using the right brushes, detergents, and sanitizers is sure to eliminate all pathogenic microorganisms that may be lurking in your drains.

While it is true that you can attempt to carry out a drain cleaning exercise on your own, the truth of the matter is that getting a Boise expert will greatly increase the efficacy of the cleaning process. The detergent-brush-sanitizer procedure while being widespread requires that the personnel have excellent training in the use of the various associated cleaning tools and cleaning agents. For example, the brush size should be smaller than the drain diameter by at least half an inch. A bigger brush will result in splash backs, a situation that is likely to cause contamination.

Boise drain cleaning is all about cleaning hard to reach areas in your drainpipes using recommended tools and cleaning agents. Visit here for more drain cleaning details.

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