Important Considerations Regarding Raccoon Removal in Columbus OH

Even the most tolerant of animal lovers prefer not to share their home with a wild animal such as a raccoon. Of all the animals pest control specialists deal with, raccoons are one of the most common species dealt with. They have adapted quite well to coexisting with humans and are very intelligent and associate dumpsters and garbage cans with a never-ending source of food. Raccoons also find houses to be dandy habitats for them as well, especially a pregnant female looking for a den.

The most common complaint addressed by Wildlife Control Company specialists is that of raccoons in the attic or chimney. Raccoons are strong animals and have been known to tear through a home’s roof where they proceed to destroy insulation, wiring, and duct work. Raccoon Removal in Columbus OH is imperative to prevent damage not to mention the raccoon droppings. Raccoons are excellent climbers and have nimble hands.

Raccoon infestation also presents potential problems due to the fact that they are common carriers of rabies, parasites and other diseases that affect people and their pets. Raccoons can transmit canine distemper which is fatal to un-vaccinated dogs. In addition, raccoon excrement may contain roundworms, the spores of which can be inhaled resulting in serious infections.

The only reliable method of getting rid of raccoons is through trapping and removal. If there are raccoons in the attic, it’s important that the Raccoon removal in Columbus OH operator conduct a search for baby raccoons, and remove them by hand before trapping and removing the mother raccoon. The primary reason raccoons invade attics is to build a nest for their babies so there is almost always more than just one raccoon.

A Raccoon removal in Columbus OH will humanely trap the animals in live traps that are typically large metal cages into which the raccoon is lured into by food. At the back of the trap is a trip pan, which triggers the door to shut when an animal steps on the pan. Raccoons in the attic is a serious problem, and it’s not often easily eradicated with a quick or easy fix. It is important to hire a competent wildlife control expert that will look for babies, not use poisons, uses humane live traps, relocates the animals, seals all entry points and clean and decontaminates the raccoon waste. Check out here.

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