Important Factors For Oil And Gas Machining

Across the United States and around the world, oil and gas industry exploration and development continues to grow and expand. Oil companies and related services are moving from more traditional types of extraction and refining to new operations and technologies, may which are cutting edge and very new in the industry.

Working with shops capable of this type of state-of-the-art, innovative oil and gas machining services is important for oil companies and industrial OEMs. Trusting machining to a reputable, experienced and capable machining service is a partnership that is essential from prototyping of components and systems through to low and high volume production requirements.

Meeting Challenges

While many of the challenges faced with today’s technologies and methods in the industry are new, they are often based on existing parts and components. In selecting an oil and gas machining service, look for a company that has worked in the industry and is familiar with industry standards and requirements.

These machining services are able to work with the in-house engineering and design team in developing the most cost-effective and efficient machining solution for both prototypes as well as production.

For many oil and gas machining requirements, high tolerances for essential components in a system is a given. Working with a machining company with years of producing these mission-critical parts and components is an advantage for any oil and gas company.

Ability to Meet Production Timelines and Volumes

Not all machining services have the capacity, equipment and the production capabilities that are needed for working with exotic alloys, creating highly complex parts or working to critical tolerances. Comparing what the machining service is able to offer, including their ability to work to your delivery schedule requirements, are two additional considerations when choosing the ideal machining services for the oil and gas industry.

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