Important Info About Package Terminal Air Conditioners

7591336_mPackage terminal air conditioners are more common than many may think. In short, these units are everywhere in plain sight.  Most people will recognize the acronym PTAC more than the phrase itself.  Regardless, these systems are self-contained units that are most commonly used in the hospitality industry as well as apartment complexes.

Common Uses
The most common use of package terminal air conditioners is to heat or cool single spaces with the use of electricity only. It is undoubtedly more common for the PTACs to be installed in window walls.  The next time that you visit an apartment complex, take a look at the windows, especially in garden style apartments, and you may see one of the PTACs visible.

These units are almost always installed by a licensed HVAC technician; however, it is not uncommon for many people to follow a DIY (do-it-yourself) set of instructions for installation of a PTAC unit.  This has become the case for consumers who opt to install PTAC units in their homes.

PTAC vs. Heat Pumps
In the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry it could be said that the preference or norm is that of a heat pump, however depending on the immediate needs of a customer, the PTAC is still a common technology.  However, despite the norm being skewed towards the heat pump technology, there are several limitations to it which is why PTAC units are still an attractive purchase.  The ongoing debate regarding heat pump vs. non-heat pump is something that has been going on for decades.  At the end of it all, only the consumer truly knows which technology will completely suit their needs.

Maintenance and Repair
As with anything else, there may come a time when the PTAC unit may require repairs; however, if proper maintenance schedules are adhered to, repairs may not be required as frequent.

Staying abreast of newer models and technologies will also prove helpful in the long run regarding PTAC servicing. Many people select package terminal air conditioners as their HVAC unit of choice. The key to maintaining the longevity of the unit is to ensure proper maintenance. If your system requires parts or maintenance, visit

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