Important Questions And Answers About Pressure Grout Pumping In Mississippi

When choosing a contracting company to perform foundation repairs, homeowners should hire a company that also specializes in Pressure Grout Pumping in Mississippi. Contracting companies that perform pressure grout pumping know how important this service is when repairing a foundation. Using grout under pressure during a foundation repair reduces the possibility of foundation problems in the future. To learn more information about the importance of high-pressure grout pumping, read the questions and answers below.

Q.) Why is pressure grouting important when repairing a foundation?

A.) When an experienced contracting company performs structural repairs on the foundation of a home or building, they use various methods including the installation of concrete piers, helical piers, and supplemental footings. After the foundation is leveled and secured, pressure grout pumping replaces the dirt fill in areas where it was displaced during the foundation repairs. Contractors also use pressure grout pumping to keep water from accumulating underneath the foundation and to reinforce the strength of the slab. By injecting grout that’s under pressure into the voids around and underneath the foundation, it makes the structure stronger, and it prevents further problems with the foundation.

Q.) Are there other applications where pressure grouting is performed?

A.) In addition to strengthening foundations after making repairs, grouting under pressure is also commonly used in other applications, such as concrete driveways, sidewalks, and steps. It’s not uncommon for concrete to crack, buckle or sink into the ground. When this occurs, an experienced company that specializes in pressure grout pumping in Mississippi can repair the damage by pumping cement slurry underneath the damaged concrete. As the slurry is injected below the sunken concrete, the force causes it to raise back up into the correct position. This also keeps water from settling into the openings underneath the concrete and causing more damage to the concrete or to the nearby foundation.

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