Important Services Tire Shops Offer in Fort Collins CO

In addition to selling and installing quality tires from leading brands, tire shops in Fort Collins CO offer a series of services designed to improve the performance and life of your vehicle’s tires. If you have ever had issues with the tires on your car or truck– from bald spots to a flat to steering vibration– you understand the importance of having such problems repaired and repaired quickly. Not only is it inconvenient but unsafe as well.

Most Tire shops in Fort Collins CO are staffed by highly-qualified and professional mechanics who know how to service and repair your vehicle or truck. One service offered is keeping the wheels on your vehicle properly aligned.

Sometimes called breaking or tracking, wheel alignment is considered to be one element of standard vehicle maintenance. Mechanics use special equipment to adjust the angles of a vehicle’s wheels to meet the automaker’s design specifications. The purpose of wheel alignment is twofold: to reduce the wear and tear on your tire and to keep your vehicle traveling straight. When wheels are out of alignment, you will feel your vehicle ‘pulling’ to one side or another.

Another important service offered by tire shops in Fort Collins CO is roadside assistance. This service assists stranded motorists who have suffered some type of vehicular failure. From a flat tire to a punctured radiator to even just running out of gas, if you are stuck on a road or highway, contact your local tire shop and they will send someone to you to either get your vehicle running again or have it towed back to their tire shop. The cost for this service is very affordable, sometimes even free.

A third important service good tire shops in Fort Collins CO offer is tire retreading. You may not have heard about this or thought the service was even available, but a retread, or a ‘recap’ or ‘remould’ is taking a worn tire through a remanufacturing process to extend its useful life. The first thing a technician will do is a thorough inspection of the worn tire to determine if retreading is an option. If so, the tire is then buffed down and a new rubber tread is laid over the casing of the tire. Retread tires cost significantly less than do new tires and are used mainly among commercial vehicles such as buses, trucks and even commercial airlines. They are also environmentally friendly, as old tires can be recycled by being retreaded up to 10 times.

Front Range Mobile Tire in Fort Collins CO has a variety of Bridgestone, Firestone, Dayton and Fuzion tires and automotive repair services that are instrumental to the health of your car.

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