Important Things To Know About Applying Rhinestone Heat Transfers

Rhinestone heat transfers are a product that you buy from a company that has assembled the design and is selling it to you. So the most important instruction as far as applying the transfer is to follow the instructions that come with the transfer because each different type of rhinestone has a different requirement for heat and pressure. Also, it is absolutely vital to see whether your transfer can be applied at home using a standard iron or whether it needs a commercial heat press because the two are not interchangeable. It is also really important to note what kinds of material the transfer is meant to be placed on, whether it can go a standard T-shirt and whether it can go on polyester or has to be on cotton, leather, or denim. You cannot ignore these instructions because each rhinestone has glue on the back that is activated by heat and the glue has to be heated enough to stick without that same heat damaging the item.

If you are applying the item at home with your own iron to the proper sort of material, there are still some really helpful hints that can make a difference as to the success of your rhinestone heat transfers. First of all, read over all the instructions very carefully. Do you need steam from the iron or a dry iron? Do you need a pressing cloth and if you do, what kind of material does it need to be? Do you need a timer to measure the pressing time really carefully, or can it just be something you can count in your head? Do you need a barrier between your item and the table or ironing board? Sometimes these can be a cardboard form or a towel or something similar to that. Once you have read the instructions very carefully, then assemble all of your necessary items before you start because once you start applying heat, you cannot run to grab another thing.

Then, once you have everything together, start applying the transfer, being sure to hold the iron on the transfer as long as instructed, then check to make sure that the rhinestones have actually adhered. Usually, once you are sure they have been applied properly, there is supposed to be a cooling off period to allow that glue to harden again. This should usually all be clearly spelled out in the instructions that come with the rhinestone heat transfers so make sure you understand all of these steps.

Then, as a final step to ensure your transfers last, make sure you follow the washing and drying instructions if your transfer is on a washable item. That will help your transfer to always look as good as it is supposed to.

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