Improve Performance with Chevrolet Camaro SS Parts in Tempe AZ

The Camaro model manufactured by Chevrolet (Chevy for short) was first introduced in 1966 to compete with Ford Mustangs introduced a year earlier. The first generation was designed to be a Pony car which is an American classification that describes affordable compact vehicles with a performance-oriented image. Appearance features include a long hood, a short decklid, and a wide range of options to customize the car.

Muscle Cars

This classification is used for cars and trucks equipped with a V-8 engine that is capable of high speeds. The super sport or “SS”, options of the Camaro became available in 2009 making the model more of a muscle car than a pony car. The SS version of vehicles is designated for Chevrolet models that are available with signature performance options.


High performance is the goal of the manufacturer but is limited by factory original parts and systems. Performance can be drastically improved with after-market Chevrolet Camaro SS Parts in Tempe AZ. Upgrade parts and kits can be ordered online and installed by owners or purchased and installed by companies and locations that provide professional services.

Increasing performance also includes custom fabrication of parts depending on the upgrade and the desired results. Placing a larger engine in a GT350 model requires an expanded engine bay tank. Heat exchangers, fuel tank plates, and pump kits are available as custom parts as well.

Investment Increases Value

Custom work, after-market upgrades, and unique appearance products are an investment in the Camaro. Not only do performance parts provide power and speed for racing and off-roading, they increase the value of the vehicle. Airbrush work or powder coating, for example, provides resistance to damage and scratches to the exterior and a one-of-a-kind style for the exterior.

An added cold air intake system will prevent the super sporty model from overheating and save money by reducing replacement of coolant for the engine and radiator. This investment saves money on vehicle operation and provides a high return on the investment should the car go on the market.

DIY or Professional Installation?

Both options are available from experienced after-market companies, such as Cordes Performance Racing. Some owners enjoy doing the work on the Camaro as much as they enjoy the higher performance. They can find Chevrolet Camaro SS Parts in Tempe AZ at competitive pricing and do their own installation. Others have parts and kits professionally installed to save time.

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