Improve Your Smile With Teeth Whitening Louisville

It’s not always fair, but first impressions of people stick with us. When you meet someone who is embarrassed of their teeth and smile, it’s obvious. They may try to shield their mouth when the talk and they usually smile a tight lipped, closed mouth smile. If yellow, dingy teeth are the problem, luckily there is simple help available. Teeth Whitening Louisville KY can brighten yellow, dingy teeth and improve the patient’s self confidence along with their smile. It doesn’t take long to do. Most general and cosmetic dentists do the procedure and the effects last for months.
Teeth whitening restores the teeth to their natural color. It can remove stains that have accumulated on teeth from the foods we eat, drinks we drink or even from tobacco products that we may indulge in. As we age, our teeth naturally loose some of their luster and shine as the enamel wears down. This allows stains to adhere more readily to the teeth. Drinking coffee, tea, dark cola soda and red wine on a regular basis will cause our teeth to look dingy. Chewing tobacco or smoking cigarettes, cigars or pipes will also stain teeth.
The procedure for Teeth Whitening Louisville is simple. A gel like chemical is applied to the teeth. The chemical forms a hydrogen peroxide base that works to remove the stains. Usually a special light is used to further activate the gel and whiten the teeth. The whitening procedure gives a very natural look to the teeth. Tooth bleaching can whiten teeth beyond their natural whiteness, which can sometimes look unnatural, if done too much. With the whitening procedure, there is no risk of that. After the procedure is complete, the patient has natural looking, white and bright teeth that can make them look years younger and feel more self assured than ever.
Finding a dentist to do the whitening procedure is relatively easy as most dentists offer whitening.

There is no need for anyone to feel self conscious about their smile because of yellowed or stained teeth. Talking to a dentist today could give someone a whole new smile tomorrow. Visit the website

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