In-office professional teeth whitening

Teeth whitening can be done at home or in a dental office. The level of whiteness and the lasting effects of the teeth whitening will be different though depending on the whitening method. At home kits range in quality but none compare to the effect of a professional teeth whitening as performed in a dental office. The type of whiteners used is different and their strength is much more concentrated when having your teeth whitened in a dental office.

When seeking a dentist for Teeth Whitening Moorhead, there are a few options to consider. There are several methods of tooth whitening. You can visit a dentist to have bleaching trays made from an impression of your teeth. This will enable the bleach to touch and clean stains off all angles of the teeth without leaking into other areas of the mouth. This method is the least expensive of professional tooth whitening options but takes time because the whitening gels tend not to be as strong as the ones used in office. It will require several in-home treatments to attain the level of whiteness than can be attained in just one in-office professional teeth whitening.

Professional in-office tooth whitening is costly but it can be done in one simple office visit and will visibly whiten your teeth by several shades. After a professional bleaching, newly clean teeth will start picking up stains again. The dentist will send you home with bleaching trays and bleach that is not as strong as the one used in the office. This is necessary in order to maintain the white smile achieved in the initial bleaching.
In-office professional Teeth Whitening Moorhead is done using a very effective, highly concentrated bleaching gel. A result of advancements in these types of gels, they do not make teeth as sensitive as in the past. Teeth Whitening Moorhead is a very safe procedure and is considered the least invasive of any cosmetic procedures, be they dental or otherwise.

It is advisable to have a general dental checkup prior to having teeth whitened. Having untreated cavities can cause undo sensitivity when bleaching and you will definitely want to have existing dental work completed prior to the whitening procedure.

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