Including Disability-Friendly Features in Outdoor Swimming Pools in Overland Park

When a family starts planning to have a swimming pool installed, they may sit down and brainstorm about all the various features they must have and others that would be cool to include. One aspect to consider is whether anyone in the family will ever invite disabled people over to the house and whether those individuals might like to go for a swim. A company that designs and builds Outdoor Swimming Pools in Overland Park can make sure that the pool is friendly to guests who may have some physical challenges but can still enjoy spending time in the refreshing water.

Outdoor Swimming Pools in Overland Park may have a sloped entry to a shallow end instead of stairs, for example. Some individuals can swim but have trouble maneuvering on stairs. Including stairs and a sloped area also, can be advantageous for people who are unable to swim but would like to lounge on the stairway situated underwater in the shallow end. There even can be a ramp heading down into the water.

Swimming and doing water aerobics is beneficial for people with conditions such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. It helps them maintain as much strength and flexibility as possible while being able to exercise in an environment where the pull of gravity is not strong. Buoyancy means less pressure on sore joints. The risk of being injured from falling is also substantially diminished in a swimming pool since the water resistance holds the person up. Even if the family can’t think of anybody they know with conditions like this, someday in the future, they might. They also might consider that one day there will likely be elderly relatives in the family. All these people would appreciate a pool with a shallow end and easy ways to get into the water.

A company such as Banks Blue Valley Pool & Spa Designs works with homeowners to create pools and surrounding areas with all the features they most want. The designers can help the family brainstorm about lighting, features such as waterfalls, and every other important detail.

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