Increase Profit By Adding A Firewood Processor

Smaller logs, timber ends, and other timber can be a highly profitable side option for larger or smaller lumber companies or timber services. By the addition of a firewood processor that is fast, efficient and easy to use, a company can turn previously scrap type of logs into highly profitable firewood to add to their sales.

There are also individuals and companies that focus on firewood sales as part of their business or as an additional seasonal income. These types of enterprises are also good candidates for a practical, efficient option in a firewood processor.

What to Consider

Many of the firewood splitters and saws on the market are designed to handle only small diameter logs and limbs. This can result in a loss of substantial wood as it is simply too large to process.

A deck saw with a bald that can be up to twelve feet in length makes a good option for either a lumber yard or as a portable option for firewood providers. Typically for the more portable systems, a shorter blade is recommended, making it easy to mount on a trailer or vehicle for operation in any location. For these types of applications, a three to five foot saw bar length is both practical as well as provides the cutting ability necessary.

Look for a firewood processor that is designed for industrial work. These systems include features such as quick chain tension take up and automatic chain oilers, both features which assist in extending the life of the chain over the operation of the equipment.

These types of saws typically use a three-phase electric motor that provides all the power needed to saw through even the toughest timber. The movement of the bar itself is controlled by a hydraulic power unit for smooth, consistent movement through the log.

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