Increasing Your Mobility Using a Handicap Ramp

by | Jun 11, 2013 | General

Do you find your mobility limited due to limited wheelchair access? Is it challenging to get to and from your house? Is it difficult for you to get into your car? Do not let yourself become housebound. There are many assistive devices such as Handicap Ramp and lifts to help you to enjoy an active lifestyle.

You can regain your freedom by adding Handicap Ramp to your house. Add on a mobility lift and you will have the liberty to move yourself independently around the house, yard or on the go. You will not have to sell your RV or vehicle because of an unmanageable step. You do not have to stop operating your farm equipment. No more relying on others to help you get around. With the assistive devices you can manage your mobility independently.

Handicap Ramp and lifts are the safer way to move up a set of stairs, transfer from a wheelchair to car seat or enter a high profile vehicle. With a solid metal bracket welded into place the seat of the lift remains stable during the transfer. A removable swing arm clamps onto the bracket for transfer. When the lift is not needed the swing arm can be stowed away.

There are Handicap Ramp and lifts available for your home too. No longer will you be limited to moving about the first floor of your home. With a strong, reliable lift you can go upstairs once again. These lifts can be customized to fit your needs. If you want a wider seat, a higher seat back or seat belt it can be added to lift.

Handicap Ramp and lifts can be modified to handle up to a 400 pound capacity. So you can hold those groceries on your lap as you move into your house or RV. You will have a steady assistant to aid you in your everyday tasks.

If you are tired of your mobility limits keeping you from doing the things you love then check out Handicap Ramp and lifts. With a little mechanical assistance you can restore your freedom to go where you want, when you want.

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