Information on the GABA Supplement

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid is the long name of GABA. The first question is what is GABA because it is a lesser known supplement. GABA is an amino acid, one of the 12 building blocks of the protein system in the body. So it is needed for proper functioning and healthy well-being. But, that being said, GABA is one of the amino acids that does not build the protein system, but rather it is a neurotransmitter. What this means is it facilitates the impulses to communicate more effectively with the nerves. GABA is in the body naturally, but sometimes because of age and disease, the levels of GABA are low and need to be boosted with a GABA supplement.

Anxiety and Stress

GABA has been referred to as the “brain’s peacemaker.” A GABA supplement can turn off or at least lower the excess adrenalin that puts individuals in the fight or flight mode. This amino acid directly deals with the nerves in the brain. GABA is actually essential to the brain functioning properly. It affects levels of dopamine, noradrenalin and adrenalin in the brain so it directs the happy, sad, stressed or calm moods of an individual.

There are beta brain waves and alpha brain waves. When beta brain waves dominate, the individual is anxious and nervous. When the alpha brain waves dominate, the individual becomes calm and relaxed. GABA increases the alpha brain waves so an individual has clear thinking and better focus.

Body Building

There are many things the body manufactures itself unless production is reduced with age or disease. In these situations, the body can be lacking of these substances. The body has human growth hormones in natural form, but when an individual wants to do serious body building, more of the human growth hormones are advantageous. The body builder can get this by consuming a GABA supplement.

Causes of Low Levels of GABA

There are many things that are the cause of breaking down the natural occurring elements and substances in the body. The elements that will cause the body to break down in the production of GABA are alcohol withdrawal, chronic pain, low B1 and B2, high amounts of caffeine and many more.

GABA is basically without side effects, but in some individuals, there may be a slight increase in heart rate and sleepiness when first taking it. Generally, too high a dosage of the GABA supplement is what will give negative side effects.

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