Information On Transmission Repair Dunedin FL

Are you looking for a shop that provides transmission repair Dunedin, FL? If so there are some aspects that you need to know. The automatic transmission is also called a gearbox this allows for your car to shift between gears. The different types of parts that deal with transmissions consist of a torque converter, stator, planetary gear set, sprag, bands, clutches valve body, centrifugal governor, transmission control unit and automatic transmission fluid. A fluid coupling connects the transmission to the engine. With this piece of equipment it allows your vehicle to stay running while it is stationary and will not cause it to stall. A torque converter is different from the fluid coupling; it is the part that will provide torque manipulation when the engine is at low speeds. Thus increasing breakaway acceleration, another part of the coupling assembly is the stator; this curves the fluid path that goes into the stator. In essence the stator will capture kinetic energy that has built up in the transmission fluid and enhances the torque manipulation. The gear pump is typically between the planetary gear set and the torque converter. It pulls transmission fluid and pressurizes it; this process is needed for the transmission to operate properly. If you are looking for transmission repair Dunedin FL, ensure that you hire an experienced auto mechanic.


The planetary gear set provides gear ratios of two or more. Clutches and bands, one of them he is used to hold the planetary gear sets motionless while the other is allowed to rotate. This type of action produces torque and promotes gear reduction. A sprag clutch is often used in the transmission for the constant up shifts and downshifts. The type of action that this clutch displays is much like a ratchet. This type of a clutch allows for the elimination of timing on the planetary gear set. These are just some of the aspects dealing with the different types of transmission repair Dunedin, FL. If you are looking for Auto Repair Services in Dunedin, FL, you will want to choose a company that is ASE certified. It also helps if they provide free towing too. Considering if you’re transmission went out in your vehicle, more than likely you’re not going to be able to drive it to the service shop.

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