Injury Lawyers For Myers Help Victims of Negligent Roofing Services

Commercial and residential roofing services are an indispensible part of Florida’s economy. The numerous benefits roofing contractors provide to Florida families and businesses, however, do not diminish the risk involved with such an undertaking. Roofing can be very dangerous, especially when contractors and property owners fail to take necessary precautions to eliminate all potential hazards. Unfortunately, roofing accidents on both commercial and residential construction sites do happen, and these accidents can result in severe injuries or even death. Consider the following scenario:

A roofer is installing shingles on the roof of a residential two-story home when he decides to throw a long and heavy board from the roof to the ground below. At the exact same time, the homeowner was walking out of the front door of the house onto a clearly established walkway leading to the mailbox. The board hits the homeowner directly in the head, causing him to suffer severe head and neck injuries. The injuries required numerous surgeries, hospital stays, and rehabilitative services. Furthermore, the injured homeowner had to take time off work to recover and still experiences chronic pain.

In this situation and countless others like it, mounting medical bills or the uncertainty of the future often make people injured in a roofing accident feel anxious and helpless. Consequently, they succumb to pressure from the insurance company to accept a settlement far less than what they actually deserve. The best way to avoid being revictimized is to contact a personal injury lawyer to fight on your behalf.

Injury Lawyers Fort Myers will give you dedicated attention and guidance to secure the best possible outcome. They will not only take the time to fully evaluate the extent of your injuries and your unique needs, but will also explain the process in understandable detail to ensure that you remain an informed and active participant in the case. From initial investigation to final resolution, your Fort Myers-based personal injury attorney has the expertise and experience to apply the law to your situation and to negotiate with insurance companies.

If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of negligent commercial or residential roofing services, do not let the stress of dealing with an insurance company make a difficult situation worse. Injury Lawyers Fort Myers are passionate advocates for accident victims. Get started on the road to recovery with their help.

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