Innovative Cottage Off-Campus Housing Near Colorado State University

Embarking on your college journey is always exciting. What can be even more thrilling is moving out of the dormitory. Taking the next step to independence with a move into off-campus housing near Colorado State University is easier when you itemize your priorities.

Campus Access
Even if you look forward to the prospect of living off-campus, you want easy access. Maneuvering traffic to get to classes in the wee hours may not be appealing. If you choose to drive to class, the proximity of the campus may be a consideration.

A shuttle service is extremely convenient for the busy student who does not yet have a car or prefers to avoid the hassle of commuting or parking. You may still want to be near campus because you do not like the idea of spending long periods traveling on a bus.

Fort Collins offers much in the way of culture and conveniences. Downtown has preserved its quaint small-town feel. Additionally, there are plenty of opportunities for dining, shopping, and enjoying the nightlife. Libraries, museums, and art galleries abound to help enrich your education. Walking paths, parks, and the foothills are a short drive away. It is possible to both live near campus and stay connected to the community and standard conveniences.

Any amenities you can enjoy in off campus housing near Colorado State University will help you focus more energy on important things like studying and getting to classes. Exercise and recreation are vital to your health, but often you cannot afford to expend the time searching for a location or on a lengthy commute. A few of the benefits that can boost your standard of living are the following:

  • Pet-friendly atmosphere – Pets are allowed and amenities exist for them like dog parks, wash stations, and waste bags.
  • Washer and dryer in the apartment
  • Full-service gym onsite
  • Organized events
  • Grilling
  • Business and conference areas, designated study rooms
  • Indoor and outdoor gaming areas – Pool, tennis, ping pong, volleyball
  • Pool, jacuzzi, sauna
  • Floorplans to accommodate roommate living

College presents numerous opportunities for learning, both on and off-campus. Where you live can be a crucial part of your education. Call the Cottages of Fort Collins or visit their website for innovative and spacious floorplans and off campus housing near Colorado State University. We provide the amenities of a luxury home and the culture and community feel of a small college town.

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