Innovative Solutions for Crating in Dallas

Not all items fit into a standard crate. Some that do may not arrive at the final destination in one piece. Unique items, delicate and small pieces, sensitive medical computers, and heavy industrial machinery are a few examples of items that will require innovative solutions for crating in Dallas to safely ship or transport.

A Personal Example

Those collectible and valuable Hummel figurines being passed down to a grandson across the country deserve special care. Placing them in a box with bubble wrap will not be sufficient. No amount of insurance coverage will be able to replace that type of loss.

A wooden crate that has individual compartments lined with thick cushioning will ensure they all reach Rhode Island in excellent condition. Extra layers of protection can be included once the items are in the crate. A lock will keep the treasures secured.

A Commercial Example

A company has to ship machinery to a remote location. There are several components to the item, including calibrated sensors, removable pieces, and a heavy base. Shipping all those components in separate crates will cost a small fortune. The challenge is to keep all components safe and get them in one crate.

One large crate is more cost-effective to ship than several smaller crates. The crate can be designed and constructed with appropriately sized compartments for all the parts. Bracing will hold the base in the middle for stability. Vapor barrier bags are used to keep the sensors immobile within the dedicated space. Removable pieces are individually wrapped and placed in a third compartment.

The large, heavy crate is reinforced, so it will not break. Wheels are installed on the bottom for manageable loading and unloading. The hinged door, which is locked for transport, is wide enough to remove the components with easy for re-assembly.


Designing and building custom crating in Dallas takes master carpenters, a lot of practice, and the ability to problem solve. These skills are not honed overnight. After twenty years of experience, there is not much that will be difficult to crate. On-site crating nationwide, military specified crates and skids, and crating for special needs are provided by the professionals at Crate Master.

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