Interior Designers Help Make Your House A Home

Whether you’ve just bought a new house or have been living in the same one for years, you’ve got to put your personality to it and make it yours. Most people leave the walls blank, neglect ceilings, and have a smorgasbord of furniture that doesn’t go well together. All of these things may not seem important to you (or you’ve lived with them so long you don’t notice), but your house hasn’t become a home until you do focus on these things and make them mean something to you and the family.

Of course, your styles will change throughout the years, so you may require interior designers to come back and help you when your style changes. However, learning what it takes to make the change can also help you be more comfortable and happier in your home.

Break The Rules

The first thing most interior designers will tell you is to learn how to break the rules. Everyone’s heard things over the years about how to decorate your home, but the reality is that it’s up to you and what you like. If you prefer rounded corners instead of square tables, go with that. If you prefer bold couches and funky wall hangings, go with them. The only thing you must consider is that there should be balanced so that the options you choose aren’t too distracting or busy (or dull and boring).

Away From The Walls

Most designers will also tell you to keep furniture away from the walls. Of course, you may prefer to outline your living space with the furniture, but even moving it a few inches away can create a better flow and make the space seem warmer and more inviting. You should also ensure that each room has a few things that are important to you, such as interests or passions.

Update Ceilings

While you probably don’t look up to the ceiling very often, most people never do anything to their ceilings, which can leave them looking dingy or outdated. However, upgrading the ceiling can do multiple things. For one, it will provide the change that you need to feel invigorated. Consider options that will reflect natural light, add whimsy or add depth to the room.

Colour Pops

While you may not like a lot of added colour in your rooms, a few pinches of colour will keep your room looking engaging and youthful. Consider neutral tones for most of it, but go crazy with an area rug in zebra print or add some multi-coloured pillows to create flair.

Interior designers can help make your house a home. Visit Budget Blinds & Inspired Drapes now to learn more.

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