Interior French Drains in Westford MA Can Eliminate Water Damage in Basements

A wet, musty basement not only smells bad, but it can also cause damage to a home. Constant excess moisture can result in problems with flooring, walls and even lead to mold growth. While adding gutter extensions, waterproofing the walls and building an exterior berm are all common fixes, sometimes additional steps are needed. For basements that frequently suffer from water seepage, an interior drainage system is often the best solution. Professionally installed French Drains in Westford MA can help keep a home dry by diverting excess water back outdoors where it belongs.

A French drain works by relieving hydrostatic pressure caused by groundwater thrusting against a basement floor. To install, part of the flooring around the perimeter must be removed. After the interior trench is completed, permeable washed stone is placed inside. Next, PVC piping is used to create a pathway for water to reach the sump pump system. The end result is a dry basement no matter what the weather.

Additional Benefits of Installing an Interior French Drain

Many homes have elaborate landscaping around their perimeter. Having to remove plants, flowers and shrubbery can be difficult and time consuming. This extra work can also increase the costs of hiring a basement waterproofing contractor. Trying to replace the existing plants after a job is completed can sometimes be a hassle and lead to the homeowner purchasing new shrubbery. An interior French drain doesn’t disturb landscaping and can be installed any time of the year.

Outdoor drains and gutters can often become damaged from storms and weather elements. This can lead to necessary repairs and replacements to avoid a faulty drainage system. A French drain is installed under the basement flooring and is protected from a variety of outdoor threats. One often overlooked benefit of a French drain is that it can vent harmful radon gas from a home.

Drycrete Waterproofing is a professional basement waterproofing contractor with over 30 years experience serving Westford MA and surrounding areas. In addition to French drain installation, they specialize in a number of other services including foundation crack repair, wall wraps and sump pump systems. To learn more about the services offered or to schedule an appointment, browse our website for further details.



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