Introducing Temecula, CA resident Bankruptcy Attorney John P. O’Connel

Whether you are being harassed by the IRS, considering bankruptcy or in need of help with a tricky business or real estate transaction, the name to know in the Temecula, CA area is Bankruptcy Attorney John P. O’Connel. An attorney who is in tune with the special difficulties that exist in today’s economy, Mr. O’Connell is a specialist in these areas. This helps ensure that maximum expertise and attention is applied to each client’s particular financial issue.

Let’s look at bankruptcy as an example. Record numbers of ordinary working people are in financial trouble these days, often through no fault of their own. Rather than simply rushing through the process of bankruptcy, Mr. O’Connell and his knowledgeable staff take the time to counsel with each client to determine whether there may be other alternatives. They also look at which of the three types of bankruptcy the client may file. Only after it is shown to be the best choice for the client will bankruptcy be expertly and efficiently filed. Initial consultations are free of charge.

Business is another complex arena where the individual shouldn’t try to go it alone. Look to Mr. O’Connell and staff for help in establishing your business as one of several specialized types of business entities. Once you are up and running, the same law offices can help you with the sale of the business or the transfer of ownership to an heir when the time comes. Of course, there is no point in being successful in business if you don’t get to keep at least some of the money, and tax law is another area at which this Temecula, CA law office excels. Representation in court, negotiations, garnishments and levies, liens and audits are among the concerns addressed by the firm.

Real estate law rounds out the list of legal fields the firm practices. While many real real estate transactions are simple and straightforward, the buyer or owner could benefit from the help of a good lawyer in many others. Examples are foreclosures and deeds in lieu thereof, short sales and investments. In these areas as well, Bankruptcy Attorney John P. O’Connel can make a big difference in the quality of life and peace of mind for Temecula, CA area residents.

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