Invasion Prevention and Skunk Removal in Reynoldsburg

Wildlife can be a menace on private property. With the line between the animals’ territory and that of humans growing ever thinner, though, critters are taking it upon themselves to share the land. Some cause damage while others simply make a mess of things, but skunks are particularly troublesome. They’ll burrow under homes and damage plumbing, wiring, and other components. Skunks also tear into trash cans in search of food. Of course, their telltale smell isn’t exactly pleasant.

Getting Rid of Skunks

If skunks have already invaded your property and are in hard-to-reach places, professional skunk removal in Reynoldsburg may be the best solution. Trying to do the job on your own could lead to mishaps. Tomato juice may help neutralize the odor after being sprayed, but it takes a lot of juice and numerous applications to be even remotely effective. In truth, remedying the problem is more about prevention than reaction.

  • Shut Them Out – After skunk removal in Reynoldsburg has been carried out under your home, storage shed, and other structures, seal all potential entrances with lattice, decorative skirting, or underpinning. Simply propping boards in place may not be effective because skunks can push them aside. Any methods you use should extend several inches into the ground to prevent burrowing.
  • Don’t Encourage Them – Skunks often come into people’s yards looking for meals. Finding a nice food supply encourages them to take up residence. Be sure all your trash cans have tightly fitting lids with secure latches, and keep all trash inside them. Don’t leave pet food out overnight, and keep any fruit or berries falling from trees or bushes picked up. If you have a garden, consider placing a fence around it.
  • Scare Them Away – Danger causes skunks to spray, so running outside screaming and flailing your arms if you see them in your yard isn’t a good idea. That being said, passive methods may be effective. Try placing stakes in the yard and tying aluminum pie tins to them. When the wind blows, the motion and sound might discourage skunks from coming around. They’re not fond of light, so placing solar lights near areas where skunks might nest can deter them as well.

Professional skunk removal is advised. After these smelly and problematic animals are gone, you can take a number of steps to help ensure they don’t come back. Don’t hesitate to get more info on removal options and preventative measures.

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