Is a Commercial Electrician Different than a Residential Electrician?

If you’re a business or building owner that is looking to have electrical work done for the first time, it’s not always practical to call your residential electrician to complete the job. A commercial electrician does, in fact, differ from your regular electrician. While some professionals are able to handle both of these jobs, it’s important that you know this information before agreeing to hire them for work.

The Differences

Often, commercial jobs are on a much larger scale than your typical household job. When looking for a commercial electrician in Irvine, CA has plenty of options, you just have to make sure they’re what you’re looking for. First of all, ensure that they’re capable of handling commercial work, and then delve into the specifics. Do you need rewiring, solar panel installation, or are you just looking for someone to complete a small repair job? Whatever the case may be – ensure the focus is commercial!

Commercial Pricing

Some commercial jobs may have different pricing than a similar job in a residential building. For this reason alone, it’s important not to make any assumptions when it comes to pricing. Ask for a quote from the company before deciding to move forward. This will give you not only an idea of what you’ll pay, but of the work that needs to be done.

Specialty Jobs

When it comes to hiring a commercial electrician, you can count on them being trained to complete jobs that other electrical contractor may not be able to handle. Emergency lighting is one example that really only comes into play in commercial-style buildings. Whether you need a specialty job like this or you just want to ensure that you’re getting the best technician possible for the job, take some time to find a contractor or company that focuses on commercial customers like you.

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