Is Heater Repair in Derby KS the Best Option?

The high cost of major heater repair in Derby KS may not be worth the investment. In some cases, the old heater is more expensive to keep operating than it would cost to replace it. The reason for this is the advances made in producing energy-efficient heating systems for residential and commercial purposes. The measurement used to indicate the efficiency of most heating systems is the heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF).


A minimum rating of 7.7 is required to qualify the cost of a new system for a tax credit, but the scale goes as high as 13. Basically, the rating is the result of calculating the total consumption of energy for a unit based on size, output, and average usage. The higher the rating, the more efficient the system will be at heating the area. An important component of efficiency is also selecting the right unit for the size and configuration of the space.

Selection Considerations

Replacing the system instead of paying for heater repair in Derby KS will save money for years to come if the system suits the space. Selecting a large system because it has a high HSPF will not save money if the space is small and confined. Choosing one that is too small for the home or business will not produce enough heat and the unit will be struggling to attempt to suit the demand. This will lead to frequent repairs and the need to replace the replacement prematurely.

Another consideration is usage. A family will demand more heat at varying times while a single homeowner will not require the entire house to be at optimum comfort levels all at once. A business that closes by five in the evening will not need as powerful a system as one the operates three shifts daily.


Owners will want to have the needs of the building and occupants assessed by professionals before deciding on any new products for installation. Taking the time to contact Kelley and Dawson Service, for example, to send an experienced technician for an assessment is a smart start. There are many new products that can save a substantial amount of money over operating an old heater that is not energy-efficient.

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