Is It Time to Call a Roofing Contractor in Nashville for Repairs?

Until an obvious issue like a leak occurs and water is rising through the ceiling, most people don’t think about the roofs over their heads. To avoid that outcome, homeowners should inspect their roofs twice a year, each spring and each fall.

Before climbing up on a ladder outside, check your attic. Grab a flashlight and look closely under the eaves. If you spot light coming through the roof, or streaks or stains, you may have a leak.

Next, find out when your roof was last re-shingled or replaced. Asphalt single roofs can typically last up to 25 years. If your roof was placed over an already-existing shingle layer, you’ll likely have to replace it after 20 years.

Visually inspect your singles to make sure they are laying flat. Repairs are needed if you find shingles that are buckling, damaged, or cracked. Take a look at your gutters while you are on the roof. If you spot shingle granules in them, it is a sign that your roof may need to be replaced by a roofing contractor in Nashville.

Next, check the washing that seals the roof’s sesames from weather and rain. In older homes, this may be made of tar or roof cement, but metal flashing systems are more reliable and durable.

If your inspection reveals the need for a new roof, contact HE Parmer to speak to a professional roofing contractor in Nashville.

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