Is it Time to Replace Older Refrigeration in St. Paul MN?

Part of operating a restaurant calls for equipment that is always working properly. This is especially true when it comes to walk in freezers and other devices used for Refrigeration in St. Paul MN. If there are any signs that a piece of equipment is about to fail, replacing it as soon as possible is the most practical and safe approach.

Temperature Variations: One sign that the time is coming for new Refrigeration in St. Paul MN is the fact that the temperature in the unit begins to fluctuate. Units that are operating properly will maintain a more or less constant temperature no matter what is happening in the kitchen. Since refrigeration is such an important component in food storage and safety, don’t shrug off these periodic shifts in temperature. Have a professional look at the unit and determine if it is in need of repair or replacement at once.

New and Unusual Noises: The owner and kitchen staff is used to the refrigeration units making a certain amount of noise during operation. In fact, a gentle humming sound can be reassuring, since it means the unit is working properly. When new and different sounds begin to develop, that is cause for concern.

Clicking and clanking sounds can mean that the motor for the unit is beginning to fail. In addition, it can mean problems with the coils and other components that help to maintain the proper interior temperature. Rather than hoping the unit will keep working for a few more weeks or months, it’s a good idea to begin looking at replacement options now. What to Do? The first thing to remember is that an apparent operational issue with a walk in freezer or an upright unit does not always translate into the need to invest in a replacement. While that is a real possibility, the first thing to do is calm down and call a professional. Explain the situation and schedule an appointment for the earliest possible date and time. Once the professional from Altemp Mechanical Inc, it won’t take long to identify the origin of the malfunction. If a new unit is the best approach, the professional can help the owner identify newer refrigeration equipment that includes the storage space and general features that will provide the right combination of benefits.



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