Is The Furnace In Your Home Acting Up?

Of all the common headaches a homeowner has perhaps the worst is to have the furnace act up. You can live without the air conditioning for a day or two in the summer should it fail but living without heat in the winter is not only uncomfortable, it can be down-right dangerous. The following discusses a few of the most common furnace problems, a simple fix for a couple of them and suggestions when to call for a professional in furnace repair in Clinton, CT.

The best solution is maintenance:

There is little doubt that sooner or later the furnace in your home will fail. You can avoid many problems by scheduling in-depth annual maintenance. A well maintained furnace will save you money on fuel; a furnace that is running at peak efficiency can reduce your energy costs by 5 to 10 percent based on current studies. Although cost savings are important, equally important is catching small problems before they become big problems. As well as scheduled annual maintenance you can avoid certain problems by sticking religiously to a filter cleaning or replacement schedule. It is highly recommended that the filter should be cleaned or changed monthly. A dirty filter not only has a negative effect on the efficiency of your furnace they can be the cause of more serious failures. Technicians who perform furnace repair in Clinton, CT believe that a good number of their emergency service calls would not have been necessary had the filters been properly looked after.

A few things to check:

It is important that you never forget that you are dealing with a device that uses flammable materials as fuel; you never want to take a chance with furnace repair in Clinton, CT, if you have even the smallest doubt about the operation of your furnace always call a professional repair technician. There are a few things that you can try though before you make the call.

* Pilot light: If there is no heat at all coming from the ducts check to ensure that the pilot light has gone out. There will be instructions somewhere on the furnace on how to relight it.

* Circuit breaker: Check to see if the circuit breaker tripped or a fuse blew.

* Thermostat: Make sure you have the temperature set correctly.

These are simple things that you can do; if however the furnace is cycling on and off repetitively or the blower will not stop or you are experiencing wild swings in temperature you will be better off calling for professional furnace repair in Clinton, CT.

Furnace repair in Clinton, CT is hopefully something you can control through scheduled maintenance. For both maintenance and repair of your furnace you are invited to call East River Energy.

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