Is There A Difference Between Independent Living And Assisted Living Facilities?

Children are often uneasy about sending their parents to an assisted living facility, unsure of whether their parents will receive the same kind of loving care that they already give them. In addition, parents may not want to leave the home in which memories were made and in which they are comfortable. However, there’s a difference between independent living and living with assistance.

Independent Living

In independent living facilities, seniors live as they would in their own homes. They have the choice of cleaning, cooking, and performing everyday tasks, or they could have the facility workers do those things. Seniors would live their normal lifestyles with social interaction and physical activity. Memory care services may or may not be offered.

In considering independent living facilities, seniors with good cognitive abilities and mobility might find the facility suitable to their needs. If they require aid in cooking or daily tasks, the facility usually offers such help.

Assisted Living

Many seniors have trouble holding cooking utensils like knives, opening cans, or even holding a water glass without trouble or pain. Some can’t easily handle stairs or have trouble getting into a bathtub or shower. Other seniors can’t remember when they had their last dose of medicine and could suffer the medical consequences. These seniors could use some assistance in living.

Facilities are available in which seniors live in a comfortable apartment, perform daily activities, but receive help with those activities which they have trouble performing. Aides will help with cooking, cleaning, bathing, taking medicine, and helping seniors walk around.

In many ways, independent living and assisted living facilities are much the same. The difference is in the services offered at each and the capabilities of the senior. The senior doesn’t have to relinquish his/her independence, but they have the option to receive help now and then. Visit The Chelsea Senior Living at Maple Point to learn more!

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