Is Your Dog Training You or Are You Training Your Dog

A good dog can be man’s best friend, a valued member of the family, and a companion for life. On the other hand a poorly trained dog can cause you grief, heartache and if you are not careful, can even lead to divorce. There are not many bad dogs, but there are plenty of poorly trained ones. Whether you are aware of it or not, from the time that you first see your dog, he or she is undergoing training. The question is are you training your dog or is your Dog Training you? Too many times the later is true.

Dogs are forever learning. If you do not take the time, or make the effort to teach your dog to act a certain way, he or she will figure it out on their own. This may be the way you want them to act, or it may create some really bad habits. Bad habits developed this way can be extremely hard to break. Training your dog allows you to create a bond with your dog, which in turn will allow your dog to respond and accept your instruction.

There are many different methods which can be used to train your dog. An internet search, a trip to the local library or bookstore, will both yield a plethora of information on dog training. While some owners swear by one method, others like another. The most important feature to dog training is that you do it humanly and confidently. A dog can sense your unease or other emotions. They will respond to the emotion just as quickly as they will respond to your words. That is why some people have an easier time with Dog Training than others.

If you do not feel confident training your dog, consider one of the trainers, or schools in your area. Enrolling in a program will teach you the owner how to continue to train your dog, while teaching your pet new skills. Before you decide that your dog does not have a forever home with you, invest the time and a little money into training to see if you can undo the bad habits that your dog have been allowed to develop.

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