Keep Bugs & Rodents Away with Tips from a Local Exterminator in Rockford

It is important to keep your property safe from pests of any source. Many commonly encountered household pests also have the potential to carry diseases that may affect people and pets. To avoid this scenario, keep bugs and rodents away in the first place by following some clever tips from a local exterminator in the Rockford area.

Keep Your Home or Business Regularly Cleaned

Pests, like mice, roaches, termites and others, tend to find their way inside homes and businesses when they are drawn there with the reward of food and shelter. Keeping a dirty household or business environment makes it easy for insects and vermin to make themselves at home in their new and comfortable digs.

Eliminate Clutter That Pests Could Eat or Use

Store anything on the premises in a way that doesn’t attract bugs or other pests. This means keeping piles of papers, books, cardboard and other items either sealed properly in appropriate containers or pitch the items out. Termites tend to be drawn to old or rotting woods such as woodpiles placed too close to a home or other structure. Once they take hold, it is extremely difficult to get rid of them without the proper help from an experienced exterminator from Rockford.

Close Holes, Gaps & Seal Openings

Pests need access to the inside of a home or building. They often get in through open holes, gaps and other structural openings. Seal these off effectively.

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