Keep That Wiring up to Code With Certified Electricians in Newnan, GA

There are many reasons to hire an electrician such as damaged switches, old wires or the installation of security lights, but one of the more important is an electrical inspection. Using certified Electricians in Newnan GA to check the wires, outlets, switches and sockets used in residential and commercial wiring can protect the building from fire and short circuits. Attempting to handle this task alone could result in even more problems because most property owners do not understand the complexities of electrical testing equipment and the circuits they test. For instance, most homeowners do not realize that the wires that supply electricity to the various bedrooms can be shared.

Some common reasons to contact experienced Certified Electricians in Newnan GA include flickering lights and flaky circuits. The unreliable power loss of this type can have several causes including old wires and weak breakers. Checking the circuits for possible issues uses specific tools. One of these tools is a meter that checks the resistance of the wires. Electrical wires build up resistance as they age and this affects the flow of energy.
Plus, electrical resistance can cause the metal in the wires to get hot. Overheated wires can scorch, burn the insulting wrapper or melt the outlets and switches they connect to. Electrical components that overheat are often hard to notice until things get so hot that wood begins to singe or the protective coating melts. The smell of burning plastic is a good indication that the electrical system should be inspected.

One reason for consulting an electrician is safety. Most municipalities have electrical codes that any repair must follow. Attempting to make a repair without knowledge of these codes could result in a faulty electrical system or worse, one that damages expensive appliances. Some appliances such as ranges and clothes dryers use 220/240 volt connections, but there are at least two outlets that may be used. One is a three wire version, and the other has four wires. It is possible to adapt the appliance from four wires to three, but this could create a hazardous situation if done improperly.
Other wiring situations that could be dangerous include the installation of exterior lighting or power outlets. Electricians use specific materials for outdoor wiring including conduits and waterproof receptacles. Learn more from the professionals at Plugged In Electrical Services.

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