Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy by Visiting A Veterinary Office in Honolulu Regularly

Each year you take your family to their doctor and dental appointments to make sure they are healthy. Do you do the same for your pet? Dogs, cats and other animals should visit a Veterinary Honolulu office each year for a check up, not only when they are ill. By seeing a veterinarian regularly you can ensure that your pet will live a long, healthy life.

The first visit should be when you first get your pet. Your dog or cat should be at least 6 to 8 weeks old before you bring it home. At that time, it will need to go see a Veterinary Honolulu for the first round of puppy or kitten shots. These shots will protect the animal against different diseases that are common and deadly. For dogs, this includes parvo, rabies, and kennel cough. For cats, it includes feline HIV and rabies. These disease can be incurable if your pet catches them, so it’s best to have them immunized while they are young.

The next thing your veterinarian will do is check your dog or cat over thoroughly. This should be done each year, along with booster shots that are necessary. When the veterinarian checks your pet over they will usually look at their overall weight, their eyes, ears, teeth, and check their temperature. Most vets will also check their stool to look for anything irregular. If you notice anything about your pet, it’s a good idea to talk to the veterinarian about it.

Along with the yearly visits, every veterinarian can refer you to an emergency clinic if you need one. Make sure to get this number early in case there is an emergency. If you have an emergency and your dog or cat needs to go to the veterinarian immediately, no matter what time of day or night, you’re going to want to be prepared, not searching for a number. A few days later you will want to return to your original veterinarian to make sure your pet is recovering.

By ensuring your pet visits a Veterinary Honolulu regularly and is up to date on all shots and immunizations, you can do your best to make sure they stay healthy. You do this for your children, and your pets are an important part of the family as well.

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