Keep Your Smile Healthy with General Dentistry in Birdsboro, PA

Oral health is an important part of having a great smile, and a general dentist provides treatments for your family that protect your teeth and gums. A general dentist cleans your teeth, checks for cavities and examines your mouth for any emerging problems.

Teeth Cleanings

You should have your teeth cleaned by a general dentist at least one time each year. Your dentist may recommend cleanings twice or four times per year if you are prone to cavities or periodontal disease. Teeth cleanings remove plaque that build up along the gum line. Plaque can penetrate the gums and lead to bone and tooth loss.

Dental Examinations

As part of your general dentistry at a Birdsboro, PA, oral health practice, the dentist performs an examination at least one time each year. The exam includes a visual inspection of your mouth, as well as x-rays. The dentist looks for cavities, bone loss, abnormalities in the jaw and other oral health concerns.

Referrals to Specialists

General dentistry in Birdsboro, PA, is the foundation of oral health, but you may need specialty care for some issues. Your general dentist makes referrals to orthodontists, oral surgeons and other dental specialists as needed.

Learn More About General Dentistry for Your Family

Dr. Robert Sansone provides families in Birdsboro, PA, with general dentistry treatments, such as teeth whitening, routine dental care and procedures to correct oral health problems. Call us today at 610-326-8785 to learn more about our practice and schedule an appointment.

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